Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a team consisting of Offender Workforce Development Specialists, employment readiness and correctional education teachers,  successful role models for reentry, and a civil rights attorney dedicated to creating an online resource in which legal and policy-driven barriers are explained in laymen’s terms, discussed in ways that present how to navigate them, provides examples, checklists, needed legal forms, and step-by-step instructional “how-to” information to address them.  Online chat sessions, a discussion board, email and phone contact, as well as  access to legal assistance when needed,  creates a rich environment of support to ensure successful self-advocacy.

We are always looking for others to join our team – particularly previously incarcerated and those working in support of reentry who can inform and guide our work so that this resource will be truly helpful.  If you would like to be a part of our team, contact us.

Our goal is to empower those in transition to take control of their futures through supported self-advocacy. 

  Our Mission

Our mission is to promote social and economic justice for individuals returning to their communities from incarceration by empowering them, and those who work with them, to easily access the information necessary to understand and navigate the legal and policy-driven barriers associated with reentry.

Our Vision

We envision economically healthy communities in which reentering citizens have the resources to overcome barriers to successful reentry and become financially stable, productive members of their communities.